December 6, 2022

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Styled Shoot

A lot of you might wonder and ask, “What is a styled shoot?”

Modesty aside, it is my art. For years, I have been a student of filmmaking, photography and the movies. While each offers a different approach, I was able to incorporate them into one special talent: aesthetically pronounced angles and fashion-forward projects are now what makes me, me. 

There is no standard theme, but I have a vision behind every shoot: to create, with charm, balance and elegance, an artistic masterpiece. By this, I can alter the perception of those that are around me in ways that what I create becomes my calling card of sorts – an out-of-body experience that only I can deliver.

For me, styled shoot is Peter Ascalon: a filmmaker who brings to the table a medium that opens the world to your personal mood boards and bring them to life. Pair this with enchanting words and flawless editing and you have my staple. 


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