your unwavering commitment to each other remains steadfast

Through life’s
ebbs and lows

Which explains so clearly why the mere thought of coming together in marriage spurs emotion in ways you can’t put into words. There have been seasons of joy, hardship, and every sentiment in between. Now, the time has come to finally proclaim your union and make the world your witness. The art of translating your culminated narrative into captivating film — that is our passion.

That is our relentless pursuit.

IN LOS ANGELES, California

I'm the type of guy who would dry off, make it early to your reception, and still get the job done.

Let’s say it's 20 degrees outside and I slipped into a freezing lake mid- shot. 



Since I consider you and your partner trusted confidantes, I’ll admit that, yes, this scenario did happen.

True story or not, it represents how far I’m willing to go, even after 10+ years in the industry, to uphold the level of dedication you rightfully deserve on your wedding day.

Borderline reckless? Perhaps. But I’d rather err on the side of danger than caution if it means keeping a pure vision intact.

My ambitious tendencies stem back to my humble beginnings in the Philippines

I was conditioned from a young age to create opportunity out of the finite resources around me. By the age of 19, my family and I migrated to the U.S., and I too, had to remain steadfast.

It wasn’t until a few years later I discovered the world of cinema. Naturally curious, I found myself taking every chance I could get, between freelance gigs and my travels across South East Asia, to document exhilarating stories through my lens.

The story of two flawed people coming together, regardless of adversities to come,

is the most exhilarating story of them all

That’s why every ounce of creative energy is poured into every film we create. Every time. We refuse to take the “easy” route at any cost and aim to make the cinematography process evoke a sense of wonder from your celebration in places you’d least expect.

By collaborating together, you can expect every subtle moment to be documented. Like your father squeezing your arm extra tight before walking down the aisle. Or your mother wiping away her tears as you say “I do.” All while you get to cherish the memories unfolding before your eyes. Eventually, you'll watch this day on repeat for the rest of your life.

It's an honor to recreate every fond recollection from your wedding celebration. And we truly take every couples’ unique story to heart — whether behind the lens or not.

Peter is not only a videographer,

he is a genius, a story teller, a visionary, and an inspiration

the honor to work with him.

Peter listens to desires and styles of his clients and is so attentive that his finished product felt like a documentary of us. He tells stories of people in a way that teaches them what a beautiful story they had been living without even realizing. He is so humble, gentle, professional and kind. I would have paid double what we did for the art he made of our lives.

Jena and Peter

to all who have

His creative mind makes his

masterpieces flawless

Peter has been the best gift we had on our wedding day. We loved it. Peter provided excellent and good quality of service. He was very professional, artistic, congenial and easy to work with. Every detail counts and that is what makes all his videos stand-out. He has a good taste in music as well. We recommend him to everybody! Every couple will be amazed by his workmanship.

Krystal & Pal

and at the same time fun.


the Experience

Where poetic finnesse meets masterful precision

Get to know a few elements that capture the ingenuity behind who we are as your cinematographers.

I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive life partner. My wife, Fran, helped me start this business but has since become a full-time nurse and fully devoted mom. While I’m off shooting weddings on weekends, she’s most likely wrangling our two energetic children who keep us both on our toes! Fran, and my family, are the world to me.


My pull towards filmmaking actually began when I was an international travel documentarian. Even now, I commit myself to the never-ending quest of lived experience — whether as an escape or as inspiration. My curiosity around people, culture, and breathtaking landscapes keep me forward-thinking in both my craft and my sense of purpose.


My signature package — The Cinema — includes a film technique inspired by my Filipino heritage entitled Same Day Edits (SDEs). With it, you can astound guests with 3-5 minutes of cinematic wedding day footage during the reception. Adding this element to your celebration makes for an awe-inspiring moment no one will forget.


My approach to cinematography and the art of marriage have quite a lot in common. As diamonds are formed under pressure, capturing cinema and cultivating a marriage requires resilience. A mutual understanding that you will both face new challenges. Yet any hardships transform into deep appreciation when we have the endurance to see them through.


There's a common misconception that a high-end celebration means lack of intimacy. I wholeheartedly strive against this notion. When documented with craftsmanship, film can shed light
on intentional details laced in your story — making the grandiose come across in the most authentic of ways.


You’re already a couple who defies all odds -

how about we do it together?

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