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is more
than an art,

it's a way of life

Los Angeles is simply where I’m based. 'Home' to me is the Philippines — or honestly, any exotic location requiring travel by plane. If you long for nothing short of adventure and fierce loyalty in your marriage, I’d be honored to sustain this sentiment through minutes (or hours!) of footage that will remind you of the life you plan on building together.



An Elegant Feel With a

Touch of Tenacity

When it comes to weddings, we establish the metaphorical line in the sand called 'the comfort zone' — only so we can push past it.

While your love is beautiful on the outside, we know it’s formed by much effort, patience, and great sacrifice. We draw near to our craft with the same intent.

The driving force behind our standard of excellence is the life you lead as a couple.

Peter is not only a videographer,

he is a genius, a story teller, a visionary, and an inspiration

the honor to work with him.

Peter listens to desires and styles of his clients and is so attentive that his finished product felt like a documentary of us. He tells stories of people in a way that teaches them what a beautiful story they had been living without even realizing. He is so humble, gentle, professional and kind. I would have paid double what we did for the art he made of our lives.

Jena and Peter

to all who have

His creative mind makes his

masterpieces flawless

Peter has been the best gift we had on our wedding day. We loved it. Peter provided excellent and good quality of service. He was very professional, artistic, congenial and easy to work with. Every detail counts and that is what makes all his videos stand-out. He has a good taste in music as well. We recommend him to everybody! Every couple will be amazed by his workmanship.

Krystal & Pal

and at the same time fun.

Documented Stories of

Steadfast Love + Treasured Memories

Big sur california wedding

Santa Ynez, CA 

Carmel Mountain Ranch

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