Kristal and Pal

They are not just my clients. They’re two of my closest friends. To capture this grand moment of their lives was truly an honor. From doing the Save the Date video until shooting the entire wedding, I just knew it had to be extra special. Well, it had to be special.. you don’t want your friends to be blatantly honest. That’s dangerous. To make it even more significant, we did a surprise "Same Day Edit".  

The wedding day was truly exciting. That’s why I had to highlight the unending grin of my good friend, Pal, who was very consistent. The weather was absolutely perfect when the ceremony began and the Bride was just awe-inspiring. It was a very fulfilling shoot and the couple’s joy was SO contagious, it had to be felt in this video. These bikers are on the way to the greatest ride of their lives, and their wedding was the start of their race together as one. I was so grateful to be a part of it. Have an awesome grip on married life, buddies! Ride On!

Oh and until now, their Save the Date video is still under intense debate if Kristal is really the one owning the other bike like a boss. But our lips are sealed, as we love to keep that a mystery.

Glimpse Of Negros

Sometimes, life happens when you stop planning. Pack some stuff. Take the keys. Drive off. Let the wheels lead you. So glad to have found friends who are just a call away and whose feet are readier than mine. All of a sudden we discovered more of the beauty of our very own, Negros Island. We prodded ourselves to Sipalay City where we feasted our eyes with its white sand beaches and vivid sceneries. I love capturing unique and candid shots of people in every place : kids playing traditional games (no Ipads), farmers enjoying the scorching heat of the sun with their not so ordinary pets - Philippine Carabaos, and grinning young men despite the sugarcane load on their backs. So Negrosanon!

We landed on the hidden yet magical Niludhan Falls in Bayawan. Submerged our tired bodies in its cold waters. We couldn't get enough but we had to rest too. We stayed in Dumaguete and strolled down the famous boulevard. The next day we tripped ourselves to the known Lake Balinsasayao of Sibulan, around 30 to 45 minute drive from Dumaguete City. 1000 feet above sea level, the place just had its way of enchanting you to freely jump--- an exhausting, yet rewarding experience! Feeling like we were made for water, we drove to Mabinay and pampered ourselves in its Spring which was simply special and breathtaking! We decided to go back home but stopped over in Silay, the Paris of Negros and visited the most popular Balay Negrense.

Despite having travelled to other countries, I've found there is really nothing more enriching than being exposed to the history of your own roots. It makes me even more proud of my own soil. To top this trip off, we drove to Don Salvador Benedicto - the summer capital of Negros. It was incredible - the native coffee and But-ong of Balukon Resort and the overwhelmingly attractive view just perfectly sealed the unplanned tour.  The white sand beach of Sipalay, the magical falls of Bayawan, the enchanting lake of Sibulan, the laid back lifestyle of Dumaguete, and the relaxing spring of Mabinay, not to mention the historical places of Silay City and the overpowering view of Don Salvador... It was a short, but very sweet 3-day trip. Truly an understatement to say these places were amazing.. so I'm gonna let the video speak for itself. So blessed!

Joan and Rosmar

1 Corinthians 13:7 [Love] bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

It was an inspiring shoot and the rain metaphorically reflected the emotions of the day. A sacrificial, selfless love made the ceremony the grandest it could be. Rosmar and Joan have been through a lot, especially during Joan's cancer diagnosis. For a man to pursue a woman and for the woman to find strength in her man during the most difficult times goes to show that love only requires two laid-down hearts. The wedding is like the consummation of their journey together and shows that every battle has its own sense of victory. This is what I want them to feel and remember when they watch this video of one of the most joyous days of their lives. Love bears, believes, hopes and endures ALL.