Curiosity. Passion. Dedication.

These are the driving forces behind the name Peter Ascalon and his pursuit to engrave lasting memories through video and photography. Peter's affinity with still images started at a very young age. His intrigue led to questions, and questions led to discovery. After stacks of photo albums and framed family portraits later, Peter took the first of many steps after he got hold of the humble Sony Camcorder in 2002. It never left his side since then.

Peter made it a point to learn and understand the foundations of his newfound passion. From taking pictures of his loved ones, he ventured into videography and to the outside world, making everything his eyes see as subjects. His travels also opened a new dimension for Peter: the diversity of people, culture and nature opened doors of ideas and opportunity to capture and be remembered. Peter is a freelance filmmaker based in Los Angeles and he brings with him over 10 years of experience and a keen vision for detailed perfection laced with humility and a positive working attitude.