How does your pricing work?

We have our Gold and Silver packages that may suit your needs. Our Gold Package consists of 3-4 minutes of SDE, 15 Minute Full Wedding Edit and Raw Footage in CD and Hard Drive. Our Silver Package includes 3-4 Minutes Wedding Highlights in Cinematic Style (but not SDE), 15-20 Minute Real Wedding Film and Raw Footage in CD and Hard Drive still. On top of that, we offer add-on services such as Save the Date and Proposals available upon direct inquiry. Our professional fee would solely depend on the amount of work the event would demand. But it sure is friendly. (wink) Please see rates for accurate pricing.

What are Same Day Edit and Full Wedding Edit?

Same Day Edit (SDE) as the word suggests is the glimpse of the wedding day that is shown to the couples and the guests on the same day the wedding has occurred and usually during reception. It may last for about 3 - 5 minutes or even longer and would depend on how the day has unfolded. The Full Wedding Edit is also dependent on how the entire wedding day was spent and would take 2 to 3 months to be delivered to the couples in Discs and USBs. It consists of all the main highlights of the ceremony and the reception and would usually last around 15 - 30 minutes or even longer depending on the package you choose.

How long have you been filming weddings?

To sum it up, it has been almost four years since we started. Filming weddings of family and relatives was our jumping-off point, when your only consolations were one full meal, quite a few drinks and a heartfelt “Thank You”. Then we transitioned to formally accept clients through referrals of our close relatives and friends. The journey has been worthwhile to this point.

How do you describe your style?

Well, it may sound as if we’re tapping our own shoulders or liking our own Facebook post but we’d say our style is fresh, smooth and creative. We use 1/4 cup of documentation, 1/2 of Cinematic, 1/3 of Movie-Inspired style and sometimes just a beaufitul mixture of all. You don’t have to take the sample measurement here seriously.

Are you open for inputs or do you decide everything in the video?

We remain open, definitely. As our clients, you would always have the say. We may be the video king but you are our ACE. If you trust us enough, we make sure still that we lay down our plans before you and that everything is well disseminated to you.

How do you choose the music?

The music is like the ribbon on the gift or the star on top of the Christmas tree. It’s like the soul of every video. We prefer to choose the music as we intently put into great consideration the timing, the impact and the outcome of every finished work. The choice of what music or song varies but is mostly based on how the wedding day has transpired.

Do you also take care of the photography?

Although that is our first love, we currently focus on doing the filming only. We are just so passionate about it. This is also to ensure our work is not haphazardly done. We do partner with different professional wedding photographers that we can refer you to but if in case you have your own choice, one important thing to us that we don’t fail to do is ensuring we work closely with them to capture all your wonderful moments in the most excellent way possible.

Why should we hire you?

This question reminds us of job interviews and our answer would probably sound like the same. WE CAN DELIVER and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Our team consists of people who have the same level of craziness (we do a little insanity test) just so we can make sure we have the same passion and imagination towards every job we accept. Also, capturing and shooting the event is one thing, editing the video is another. When it comes to editing, we understand the technicality but we ensure the outcome is not stuffy. It is about the emotions and the timing and the impact. If the certain sequence does not appear to be moving or exciting, we change it. Yes, perfection is not hard to obtain. One utterly important principle to us is making sure we don’t show almost the same style of video in every client. Every finished product has to be a unique one. One great and enough reason is because of the different people in it. The work has to be all about you. We love to stay behind the curtain and let every stage light be focused on you.

If the wedding is outside the city, do we have to pay for your airfare?

Yes, airfare will be on top of the package rate. For sure, it will definitely be part of our discussion. We hate government hidden fees too.

How early and late can we book you?

The earlier the better. You can contact us anytime and we make sure we will respond the soonest possible time so you can make necessary adjustments in case we are booked on that date. But we hope we’re not. If in case it’s a sudden wedding, like you’ve gone to lunch and decided to get married come dinner time, do not hesitate to let us know. We’ll try to teleport.

Are you worth my money?

Well, technically, we are not for sale although there were couple of times our mothers tried to sell us for free. But about our service yes, we make sure every penny counts. To see is to believe. That is why most of our clients would book us to do their wedding proposals or Save the Date. That gives them the idea of how we do things. And most of them, well, ALL of them still hired us to do their entire wedding.

Why should I marry?

We have asked ourselves the same question several times. And, trust us, the self-help books that lay down twenty reasons were not enough to convince us. But there is just one thing that we can share to you. Love is the most beautiful thing to share. And everything about it just simply has to FEEL and BE right. We hope this helps. So when you're ready, call us, aye?