Kristal and Pal

They are not just my clients. They’re two of my closest friends. To capture this grand moment of their lives was truly an honor. From doing the Save the Date video until shooting the entire wedding, I just knew it had to be extra special. Well, it had to be special.. you don’t want your friends to be blatantly honest. That’s dangerous. To make it even more significant, we did a surprise "Same Day Edit".  

The wedding day was truly exciting. That’s why I had to highlight the unending grin of my good friend, Pal, who was very consistent. The weather was absolutely perfect when the ceremony began and the Bride was just awe-inspiring. It was a very fulfilling shoot and the couple’s joy was SO contagious, it had to be felt in this video. These bikers are on the way to the greatest ride of their lives, and their wedding was the start of their race together as one. I was so grateful to be a part of it. Have an awesome grip on married life, buddies! Ride On!

Oh and until now, their Save the Date video is still under intense debate if Kristal is really the one owning the other bike like a boss. But our lips are sealed, as we love to keep that a mystery.